Friday, April 23, 2010

Dancebreak 4.22.2010

Here is the set list from tonight's Dancebreak!

And here is the download link!!!

Waltz, Viennese - Mirko Krebs and his Orchestra - Carribean Blue
Cha Cha - Tom Waits - Big In Japan
Waltz, Rotary - Coeur de pirate - CLASSIFIED
Swing, East Coast - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Mr. Pinstripe Suit
Waltz, Cross Step - Crowfoot - Absinthe
Polka - Серебро - Opium Danil Babichev Remix
Salsa - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - I Wanna Be Like You
Waltz, Cross Step - Medieval Baebes - CLASSIFIED
Swing - The Atomic Fireballs - Man With The Hex
Schottische - The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Waltz, Rotary - Radiohead - CLASSIFIED
Polka, Hustle - Lyre Le Temps - Hold The Night
Swing, Lindy Hop - Count Basie & Joe Williams - Everyday I Have The Blues
Waltz, Redowa - E.S. Posthumus - Marunae Pi
Cha Cha - Cake - Short Skirt Long Jacket
Polka, Hustle - Rogue Traders - CLASSIFIED
Waltz, Rotary - Little Carol - Petite Coccinelle
Waltz, Cross Step - Staind - Everything Changes
Polka, Hustle - GenErik - CLASSIFIED
Schottische - Green Day - Misery
Waltz, Rotary (Fast) - Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day
Swing - Martinn & The Stray Cats - CLASSIFIED
Waltz, Rotary - Flogging Molly - The Story So Far

CLASSIFIED Songs will probably be played at FNW tomorrow and tonight was the sneak peak, I do not want to give away any of the surprises!

Still Stormin'!

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